To the man in a tie. Yes you, sat across from me, furiously flicking through the standard. Polished hooves and armed in polyester. What a lovely and generic tie you have. You wear it like a badge of honour, a noose of achievement. I can imagine you fixing and wrestling with the evil knot, morning… Continue reading Tie-Die


Mindful and Rhymful

Breathe in, breathe out and crave a quiet mind. Just focus on the breath, that's what they all say. As my tummy fills up with air, I feel my chest puff out proud. It feels pleasant and familiar. Oh yeh, I've been breathing for years, how silly of me. Am I meant to count? Maybe… Continue reading Mindful and Rhymful

Desk Activist

Slumped revolution, the flicker and glare of the blue light. Click, click... scroll, scroll.... tick the box. Share. Ahh the smell of instant coffee and revolution in the morning. What once was done hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, has been scrolled away and replaced with pixelated prisons. Finger protest and single fist bumps of… Continue reading Desk Activist