william-stitt-196804To the man in a tie.
Yes you, sat across from me, furiously flicking through the standard. Polished hooves and armed in polyester. What a lovely and generic tie you have. You wear it like a badge of honour, a noose of achievement.

I can imagine you fixing and wrestling with the evil knot, morning after morning, night after night. How silly.
Can we take you seriously with or without this fabricated superiority? Have we confused solemnity with competence? Since when did I have to act serious, emotionless, professional and “grown up”, to be competent? I look for the odd ones, the renegades and the silly ones. I feel comfortable, safe and warm with them.
Please don’t confuse antiquated professionalism with being good at your job. Solemnity with competency and seriousness with care. There is nothing wrong with a smile, a laugh or joke. It doesn’t reflect a lack of commitment or expertise. It doesn’t mean you don’t care or want to insult, it simply means that you want to make sense of and find light in a situation.
Fill your waking hours with laughter and stolen smirks. It doesn’t retract from what you do, it makes it infinitely better. It makes you infinitely better.
Oh, and loose the fucking tie. x


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