Mindful and Rhymful


Breathe in, breathe out and crave a quiet mind. Just focus on the breath, that’s what they all say. As my tummy fills up with air, I feel my chest puff out proud. It feels pleasant and familiar. Oh yeh, I’ve been breathing for years, how silly of me. Am I meant to count? Maybe not, I’ll stop.
What’s next? Oh yes, focus on your surroundings, become present in the moment and your environment. Imagine you are looking at yourself…do I really look like that? What colour is the wallpaper again? What am I wearing? Ahhhh this doesn’t feel like meditating. But what do I know, I’m no guru.
Right, What’s next? The famous scan. What’s that? You slowly think about bits of your body in isolation. Sounds easy enough, I can do that. How does it feel? Can you feel more than usual?

Maybe, I don’t often think about my big toe, well not on a daily basis. It does feel a bit weird now I come to think of it, it tingles and aches. On to the next toe.
Now open your eyes. Oh dam! I didn’t know I had to close them. I hope it still worked. That’s enough for today, I do feel more relaxed, maybe even more spiritual. I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.
I’ve embarked on my spiritual journey, all be it more of a step backwards than forwards, but the adventure has begun nonetheless. Ohmmmm


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